Ruben Vardapetian European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Today it is hard to justify completing a software development project inside company walls. Improvements in tools and methods over the last decades are allowing groups from different locations and cultures and with different expectations and goals to come together as a global software development team.

Many books advise the potential users of software outsourcing on how to avoid the pitfalls of this delicate and lucrative business, but eventually it comes to only two words: skills and trust. Both should be tested and preferably not by you. During 2001 – 2004, this was partly my duty as of the author and coordinator of EU funded project ADONIS – Application Development Outsourcing to the New Independent States. In the framework of ADONIS, we carried out about twenty pilot trial projects when companies in Russia, Armenia and Ukraine developed software products for our customers in Europe.

One of our projects was with Bacup IT. It was so successful that I decided to have the second one with them. Since then I have a continuous collaboration with this company. The keyword to it is “trust”. Russian S/W companies are famous for the skills of their engineers and Bacup IT is neither better nor worse most of the “first league» companies it is part of. The level of trust customers can put into it makes it unique.

Ruben Vardapetian
Executive Director of the European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer