Andrew Lombe Myco Systems P/L

Dear Sir.
My name is Andrew Lombe, technical director of Myco Systems P/L, Canberra, Australia

I would like to thank Bacup IT's staff for the completion of our Bluetooth PDA Interface to an RFID Scanner. I was impressed from the start with the UML charts to confirm the specifications. I was also impressed with the fact that Bacup IT's team was able to develop this interface without actually seeing or using the Bluetooth RFID Scanner!

When we getting close to our deadline - Bacup IT's team allocate the appropriate time to allow debugging to be complete on schedule.

Special thanks to Yury Kuznesov for the software development.

I would have no problems in recommending Bacup IT's software development services to another client.


Andrew Lombe
Canberra, Australia
Tel.: +61 417 597239