Jan F. Brandejs, Intesys International Inc.

Dear Sir.
For our company Intesys International Inc., located in Manhattan, KS (www.intesysinternational.com) Bacup IT has developed two major additions for our ULTIMA*HIS Oracle-based software:
Patient Accounting and
Patient Scheduling. Both systems are very complex.

As a matter of fact the Patient Scheduling is the first native Oracle software using most advanced design and Java programming tools.

I have also got first hand experience. Last June I visited Bacup IT in Novosibirsk and spent 2 weeks working with Mr. Arthur Rakhimov and his Bacup team. This team consists of outstanding software engineers and Internet and technical experts.

I strongly recommend Bacup IT for your project for the following reasons:
1. Cost efficient
2. On time delivery
3. High quality
4. Good communication skills and
5. Honest business ethics.

Yours sincerely,
Jan F. Brandejs, Ph.D.
Chairman and Product Manager